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International Congress CIRIEC 2024

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The CIRIEC Congress will discuss issues and challenges related to STRATEGIES and INNOVATIONS implemented under the impact of the various transitions. Actors from the social economy and the public economy will share their experiences and achievements for a more just and sustainable society.  


Main themes: 


Territorial development in urban and rural areas 

Proposed sub-items 

  1. Sustainable strategies to create development in urban and rural areas.  
  2. The circular economy as a tool to generate territorial development and protect terrestrial ecosystems . 
  3. Social innovations in products and services to reduce social inequalities . 


Human development in relation to health, education and rights. 

Proposed sub-items 

  1. Collaborative economy models to promote human development, health, education and rights. 
  2. Companies that promote human development in terms of quality of life and opportunities for personal economic growth. 
  3. Spin Off models to create sustainable development. 


SDGs and environmental emergency: concrete initiatives and impact measurement. 

Proposed sub-items 

  1. Strategies to safeguard food security and drinking water 
  2. Strategies to mitigate climate change. 
  3. Marine innovation projects to take care of marine life. 


Public policies for territorial development 

Proposed sub-items 

  1. Political democratisation and territorial development   
  2. Public health and accessibility to drinking water as an inherent right of people.  
  3. Resilient and green infrastructure measurement indicators  


Public policies and social and solidarity economy 

Proposed sub-items 

  1. Empowerment and entrepreneurship with a gender perspective to create development models under a social and solidarity economy approach. 
  2. Political democratization and territorial development under a social and solidarity economy approach. . 
  3. Participatory democracy  
  4. Bottom-up initiatives  
  5. Indicators and measures.  
Initiative and public action for development.  . 

Proposed sub-items 

  1. Corporate social responsibility as an initiative for development and economic progress. 
  2. Bioeconomy will boost sustainable development 
  3. Orange economy will boost creativity, culture and art. 
scientific and technological innovation 

Proposed sub-items 

  1. Innovation and clean energy under social and solidarity economy models to protect natural resources 
  2. Innovation and disruptive technologies under a social and solidarity economy approach 
  3. Technological applications to measure social, economic and environmental variables. 


Infrastructure and utility networks     

Proposed sub-items 

  1. Development of sustainable city building.  
  2. Cooperatives and social enterprises to generate infrastructure and public service networks . 
  3. Strategies to improve access to safe drinking water for all .

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Federico Li Bonilla

[email protected]    Tel: (+506) 6098-9800

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Date & Time
Wednesday, October 16, 2024
Start - 8:00 AM (America/Costa_Rica)
Friday, October 18, 2024
End - 6:00 PM (America/Costa_Rica)

Centro Internacional de Convenciones ANDE

XRM8+23H, C. 1, Heredia, San Antonio, SAN ANTONIO centro, San Antonio, Belén, Heredia, Costa Rica
--Centro Internacional de Convenciones ANDE--
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