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Fab Learning Academy - Global Certification

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    Fab Learning Academy is a Global Certification program for educators using digital fabrication technologies in K-12 settings. Both formal and informal educators, pre-service teachers, and administrators are invited to participate. This curriculum focuses on three domains to support educators in school makerspaces technology, innovative practices, and the science of learning. 

    Fab Learning Academy offers a distributed rather than distance educational model, participating teachers learn in local Learning Nodes, with peers, mentors, and machines for the hands-on technology projects while connecting virtually for global masterclasses focusing on pedagogy and best practices for working with students. 

    1. Train students in the operation, use and possible applications of digital fabrication technology. 

    2. Promote a culture of self-learning and empowerment through experimentation and the Science of Learning. 

    3. Encourage the exploration and development of innovative practices.

    More Info:

    Web enrollment:  1 de mayo de 2024 to  1 de agosto de 2024  

    6+ months September 2024 - March 2025 

    Participants are expected to spend 4 to 8 hours per week in synchronous and asynchronous sessions. 

    Detailed schedule: Will be shared soon  



    Diana Hernández Montoya 

    Correo: [email protected]

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